Why HC24

Our success is based on the ability of our consultants and recruiters to retain the best professionals from their areas of expertise, and in determining their career path. We have built a trustworthy relationship with our clientele by:

  • Working around the clock to facilitate trained medical personnel on an urgent basis, with qualified support and care staff.
  • Focusing on building a strong rapport with organisations and individual institutions to know whom to rely on when in need.
  • Providing staff for regular and out-of-hour shifts with specialised skills.
  • Ensuring that the staff we provide matches the exact needs with qualification and experience, for maximum productivity.
  • Running a thorough background check on each and every staff member for past records.
  • Improving our services based on feedback and recommendations of our valued clients.
  • Keeping our eyes open with honest communication and striving to build confidence.

Recruitment and Placement

Attracting and recruiting top-notch medical professionals is an extremely important undertaking. Our transparent system for job applicants keeps them up-to-date with the latest job openings. We guarantee our candidates that we will:

  • Provide jobs that offer a good pay scale, bonuses, and rewards.
  • Give transparent and sincere feedback
  • Provide support through career growth opportunities
  • Offer reliable, responsive, and receptive recruitment services
  • Recommend individuals to respected organisations on merit basis
  • Give career counselling, support, and mandatory training
  • Never compromise on the quality

We strive to provide potential candidates with career-oriented jobs, packages, and benefits of their preference. We offer ideal job opportunities by recommending them to our large clientele to groom their expertise and skills in their preferred working environment.

Candidate Screening Process

Each candidate and staff member, who applies for registration with HC24, is required to go through stringent screening steps. They must have an enhanced disclosure (DBS/PVG) form, two written reference letters, Pre-Employment Health Screening, and mandatory training.

All the applicants are requested to complete a written language test and then questionnaires — based on healthcare, medication, drug tests, and clinical scenarios — are given, which are used for assessing their knowledge, area of expertise and communication skills.

After the tests are conducted by the Clinical Nurse Manager and the compliance team, HC24 ensures each candidate goes through a rigorous screening process. To be selected by HC24, each candidate must:

  • Fill all the fields in the application form and must appear in the interview.
  • Have cross-checked and verified medical license, NMC PIN number and other related certifications.
  • Professional references – from their two most recent employers, or in case of a second job, one from former employer and one from latest educational institution.
  • Possess a minimum experience of one year in the respective field of specialisation.
  • Provide a current health record and proof of blood borne pathogens immunisation and training.

Benefits of Working with HC24

Our screening process might seem rigorous, but once registered, we will provide you with more choices, opportunities, flexibility, success, and more importantly, satisfaction. With HC24, you have the leverage of competitive pay rates, additional value-added benefits, incentive pay opportunities and much more!