The main criteria of HC24 is to recruit doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants to be a providing source to the healthcare services of the nation. We are an agency that not only becomes a provisional force for the healthcare facilities but also helps with the employment of many.

Our recruitment policy is a meticulous streaming process by which we select the best candidates for the job. Our selection process is based on the qualifications, the experience along with passion for what they do. We realise being passionate about their job will help them excel in what they do. They also have to go through a mandatory training programme so all staff remain up to date with respect to their specialised field. Short term courses are also scheduled for the registered candidates.

All candidates are required to go through a written questionnaire on their language and professional skills, to assess their skills and area of expertise.

We recruit our staff directly and hold no partnership deeds with the client. The criteria to be recruited by HC24 are mentioned below:

  • Application for to be completed and attend the interview
  • Verification of the medical license, NMC PIN number and other related certifications
  • Two professional references either from the previous employer¬†
  • Minimum one year of work experience in the respective field of specialisation
  • Personal Medical certification

Once recruited our staff go through certain processes to increase their expertise in a particular field.

Mandatory Training

HC24 provides staff training, which ensures that they stay up to date with the latest service and professional standards. We have designed a mandatory training and development programme for agency workers to educate them on topics like manual handling, paediatric and adult life support etc. We also provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD), post registration practice and education opportunities to the candidates.

Short-term Courses

HC24 offers short-term courses to all its registered candidates to make sure that every member of our staff is acquainted with the latest knowledge, CPD practises etc. Our programme includes training on the following topics:

  • Managers
  • Administrative Support Staff
  • Housekeeping Support Staff
  • Healthcare Support Staff
  • Childcare Support Staff
  • Catering Staff