The world has been in a state of shock, chaos, and fear with the onset of the pandemic. People have gone through major changes in their life either due to the loss of a loved one, unemployment, social distancing – being in quarantine or just away from their near and dear ones.

The economic and business activities have definitely taken a huge hit in all industries. Due to extensive periods of lockdown, there has also been a lot of domestic violence and other issues pertaining to family affairs. What do you think has been a major effect of all these factors? 

The rising cause of worry during this time has incurred detrimental effects on our mental health. During this time of difficulty , it has been very important to take care of our physical and mental health, and it’s vital that our mental health status should be in a good position  to recover from physical illness. It is important to stress the need of psychological impact on stress and anxiety, especially of the elderly, healthcare workers and people with underlined health conditions.

People with such high levels of stress are often driven to high consumption of alcohol and drug use.

The best way to overcome such problems is to keep your mind healthy. This could be obtained by following a few steps such as:

  • Maintain a healthy, nutritious, and timely diet to boost your immune system.
  • Limit alcohol consumption and also avoid sugary drinks.
  • Say no to smoking as it could cause serious diseases along with COVID 19
  • Exercise daily whether you are an adult or a child. 
  • If you are working from home take short breaks of a couple of minutes every half an hour. This helps you refresh and prevents you from tiring out easily and quickly.

The core solution to the above is maintaining good mental health. Therefore we can:

  • Talk to people whom we trust and share our emotions rather than being reserved
  • Feeling stressed and anxious is a natural factor. However, we can overcome them by listening to music or engaging ourselves in things that we are passionate about. Our hobbies play a major role in this aspect as it helps all people be creative and illustrate their hidden talents which could be turned even to business.
  • Try to be moderate in watching news or reading news as this could transmit negativity towards our mental health conditions. Hence, it is advisable to watch or read news from reliable sources at least twice a day.

We should learn to be positive, no matter what we face on a daily basis. This pandemic is an example of how mankind managed to find each other and consolidate as one bringing livelihoods together.

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